Dorpers & White Dorpers
The breed for today and the future...

Dorper and White Dorper sheep are true easy care sheep, returning maximum returns to the producer for minimal inputs in term of labour, resources and money. They are very adaptable and perform well in a wide range of Australian environmental conditions. This ability has seen their rise in popularity, as Australians realised that these sheep excel, even in drought conditions. Dorpers and White Dorpers offer a farming option that is economically viable, environmentally sustainable and employs ethical farming practices.

The Australian Dorper and White Dorper Association Inc (ADWDA) is the Australian breed organisation for all breeders of Australian Dorper and White Dorper sheep. ADWDA aims not only to have the Dorper and White Dorpers become truly part of the Australian sheep Industry, but to be one of the leaders of the Australian Sheep industry into the future.


Updates to the Constitution 

Recently the Board and members voted to open the Flock Book to allow rams with at least 50% Dorper or White Dorper parentage to be represented.  These animals can be identified in two ways, either with CT (Commercial Terminal) or CM (Commercial Maternal) prefix. 

The Board and members felt this was important because of the widespread uptake of Dorper based composites currently being used in the industry.  It was also considered very important to the future of the breed because of the closed genetic pool with genetics unlikely ever to come out of South Africa because of the changed FMD and other quarantine constraints. This will allow the Australian Dorper to keep pace with changing industry demands. By allowing this to happen the pedigree system will have more integrity.

Brendon Duncan
ADWDA President



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